Thursday, 22 September 2011

Birthday Cake Show Off

Little E celebrates his fourth birthday this Saturday. He is a massive fan of the Octonauts.

I've just finished making his cake - over a couple of glasses of wine at my very talented friend's house.

I'm not very talented in the baking department, although I try hard. I'm certainly not the most artistic. But I am very proud of my Kwazii and my seaweed, pebbles, shells, starfish and fish. Friend S did everything else (include bake the base and provide the wine!).


  1. I LOVE it! Many, many apologies. I haven't made what I planned to make for his birthday, and neither have I posted what I bought instead. I'll get it in the post asap. I think (hope) I gave you his and Mr B's cards when I saw you in August?

  2. Yes, you did give me his and Mr B's cards. I thought you gave us a present too - but maybe that was from one of my friends I saw at the beginning of September!