Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How Lego got my 6 year old reading newspapers

This week's school run has involved a daily diversion to WH Smith to buy a newspaper. 

My 6 year old is Lego mad. And this week, if you buy the Daily Mail in Smiths, you get a free Lego toy.

Queuing outside Smiths waiting for it to open is not my idea of a fun excursion on the way to school, but it has, I've discovered, additional educational value.

As well as benefitting from a rapidly expanding Lego collection, I'm inadvertently teaching my boy maths and literacy. 

I encourage him to pay for the newspaper himself, counting out the correct coins, or working out what change he should expect from a £1 coin.

Better still, he's even asked to look at the paper. This morning, he discovered it has a sports section, where he could catch up on last night's QPR v Wigan match and read about the England World Cup squad.

Some of my earliest memories of reading are perusing the pages of my parents' Daily Mail. And, while it is no longer my newspaper of choice, I'm secretly really pleased that my little boy is so keen on enjoying reading the newspaper. 

Hopefully, even when the Lego promotion ends this Saturday, he'll still be interested in reading the news. 

The next education will be to teach him that you shouldn't believe everything you read in the paper.

Oh - and not to always get sucked into every marketing ploy.

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