Saturday, 9 January 2016

Playing together: the joy of four

One of the reasons I always wanted four children was so that there would always be someone to play with.

And now that W is three, his role playing and imagination are now at a level so he can actively participate in games with his 5 year old big sister, B, and 8 year old biggest brother, E.

It makes me so happy to hear them all contributing their ideas with phrases like: "Let's pretend...", "You be the mum and I'll be the dad...", or "We're at the shop now..."

Although we have quite a few (too many) toys, often when they play they just use their imagination and everyday objects like blankets and cushions. 

Often the two boys play rough and tumble. E is incredibly gentle and tolerant as W clambers all over him. 

Here they are playing horse-riding with a mixture of acrobatics. 

I'm really looking forward to when baby O is able to join in too. 

What everyday moments bring you joy?

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