About me

Wannabe supermum trying to get the perfect work life balance.

I'm a product of the 'women can have it all' generation. And I want it all: the perfect blend of family, career, home and hobbies. But it's not that easy!

So, life for me is about juggling the needs of four young children, working from home as a freelance content marketer, volunteering as a school governor and also as a breastfeeding peer supporter, trying to go out running, playing women's rugby, trying to keep fit and healthy and supporting the Exeter Chiefs and England at rugby. But thankfully, my gorgeous husband is an absolute saint.

Seaside Belle is mainly a blog about what I get up to with the family and how I try to fit everything in.

We're based in South Devon, so there are also lots of posts about what we get up to in the area.

Since having children, I've found myself increasingly being drawn to a more natural approach to life. I'm no crunchy earth mama, but I embrace all things that seem to fit under the AP (attachment parenting) umbrella: breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth nappies etc.

I enjoy baking and cooking, but I'm not that good at it. If someone could please tell me the secret to chewy flapjack rather than the teeth-breaking, crunchy stuff that comes out of my oven, I'd be very grateful.

I'd love to be more handy at crafts like knitting and making my own toiletries – but time, all too often, gets in the way. And I'm not actually very good at that sort of thing either!

I hope you enjoy my blog. Please do get in touch if anything is of particular interest. And if you like what you read, you can subscribe to receive email updates whenever I post. You can also keep up to date with what we're up FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

(aka Seaside Belle)


  1. Hi Just found your blog. I'm a devon mummy too. Looking forward to reading your posts :-)

  2. to a fellow Devon mum.
    I started following you last week. It's always nice to find out what someone local is up to.

  3. Hello, I found you through Devon Parent Bloggers on facebook. I love your blog and the fact you are local. Great work x

  4. Thanks. I hope to meet you in real life maybe at a local blogger get together.