Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Stocking fillers for kids - 25 practical ideas

My children do very well out of Christmas and get plenty of toys, not just from Santa, but from friends and family as well.

So, I try and steer clear of buying too many toys for their stockings as well. Partly, because it can get expensive. I laugh in the face of adverts for stocking filler toys that cost £15 or less - I aim to spend £15 on the entire contents of the stocking, not just one measly toy! And partly because they get enough small trinkets in the party bags they bring back from all their friends' birthdays.

Instead, I like to think of Christmas stockings as the perfect way of 'stocking' up on essentials as well as showing that the big man in red has a sense of humour.

So, here are my top 25 ideas for kids' stockings - some that might actually be useful and some that are traditional or just for fun.

1. Satsuma / tangerine / clementine - after all, it's just not Christmas without one in the toe of the stocking and at least you might get some vitamin c in them after all the junk they get too.
2. Chocolate coins (see above re junk)
3. Bubble bath
4. Soap
5. Shampoo
6. Toothbrush
7. Toothpaste
8. Sponge or flannel
9. Crayons
10. Notepad
11. Colouring book
12. Craft card / paper
13. Glue (for crafting, not sniffing)
14. Book - bought from the local charity shop. I picked up three books for just £2.40.
15. CD or DVD - also bought from local charity shop.
16. Pants
17. Socks
18. Vests
19. Packet of seeds (such as cress or basil etc)
20. Small box of raisins
21. Bouncy ball
22. Lip balm (yes, even boys get chapped lips)
23. Bubbles
24. Balloons
25. Magazine 

What do you put in your children's Christmas stockings? 

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  1. I'm definitely with the practical stuff: craft bits and bobs, an orange, one pack of choc buttons/stars/coins, water bottle with name on, hair brush, clips, selotape, socks, lego figure, DVD (something they've been hankering after for months), book, paints, puzzle book, colouring pencils, seeds etc. etc.