Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My latest charity shop find - the Living Coasts penguins

We were out the other day when Mr Seaside Belle had to run an errand in the bank. We stayed in the car outside, while he ran in to deposit a cheque. The car was stopped just outside one of Teignmouth's many charity shops when I spotted them in the window. 

Two soft penguins.

Both 6 year old Mr E and 3 year old Miss B love penguins. We have an annual pass to Living Coasts coastal zoo in Torquay and we love going to see the penguins, particularly at feeding time. You actually get to walk through the enclosure and can get up quite close. E and B immediately identified them as an African Penguin and a Macaroni Penguin - the two breeds on show at Living Coasts.

It was fate. These two penguins were destined to live with us.

So I jumped out of the car, grabbed the birds from the window and spent a very worthwhile £5 for the two.

The penguins are settling in well at their new home and will shortly be taking a trip to Living Coasts to see their live relatives.

What have you bought recently at a charity shop?

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  1. Aww they are very cute! We still haven't been to Living Coasts yet and we've been down here over two years now!! Must go soon, I've heard it's great. Thank you for linking up to #ThriftyThursday :-)

  2. You're welcome.
    We really enjoy it at both Living Coasts and Paignton Zoo. The membership is well worth it.

  3. How fab. They look like they came right off the set of Happy Feet ;)