Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Labour music playlist

Music is very important to me. I love the way it can often set the mood and help me achieve my goals. Whether I'm working, running and even when I'm giving birth.

It's been six months since I gave birth and I'm currently training for a half marathon. But some of the tracks I listen to when I'm pounding the roads are the same as the ones I listened to when I was in labour. But I suppose I'm tapping into the same area of my brain: working my body, getting my muscles to work and breaking through the pain barrier to achieve a goal.

Often, I hear a piece of music and it brings me right back to that magical moment. Lying in the bath in the zone as I prepared to meet my precious baby.

I compiled my labour playlist using Spotify. Here it is.

I hope there are some inspiring tracks here to help you bring your child into the world.

What music helped you give birth?

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