Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A trip to the Minor Injuries Unit

Beatrix has lost a lot of her milk teeth in the past few weeks. She already has two adult teeth on the bottom and has recently lost another bottom tooth and three along the top. All except a stubborn milk tooth that remains in the middle at the top.

All that changed last on Friday afternoon.

We were just preparing for our first weekend of 2018, enjoying a cosy afternoon after school away from the wet and dark outside when I heard the scream.

Beatrix came running through to the kitchen with her hands covering her mouth. When I eventually persuaded her to move them so I could see what had happened I saw the blood dripping down her arms.

Now I didn't think I'd be any good in an emergency, but I surprised myself with how calm I was. I grabbed some kitchen roll to mop up and managed to get a look to see where the injury was. Inside Bea's mouth her one remaining top front milk tooth was hanging by a thread.

She'd clashed heads with her brother and her mouth had taken the brunt of the impact.

I considered calling the dentist, but at twenty to five on a Friday afternoon, I figured I'd have more luck at the minor injuries unit, so I bundled her into the car and off we went.

I love our local minor injuries unit! At a time of year when doctors surgeries are overrun with seasonal ailments and A&E departments are heaving, the MIU is an oasis of calm. I'm not sure why more people don't use this amazing resource.

We got there and it was empty so we were seen straight away. From reception through to seeing the doctor, the staff immediately reassured Beatrix and put her at ease. The doctor dosed Bea up with Calpol and, as he stemmed the flow of blood, he presented her with her tooth. We had a quick chat about head injuries and he suggested her mouth might be sore and bruised for a couple of weeks. But we were back home within an hour.

By Saturday morning, thanks to a particularly generous tooth fairy, Bea was back in fine spirits and we headed off for a girly shopping day so she could spend her small fortune.

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