Friday, 6 January 2023

Gift Inspiration - this year's hits

Finding the perfect present - this year's most loved gifts we use again and again

Sometimes the perfect presents are not the ones that were asked for or the ones you think they'll love. Sometimes the more obscure or not-so-expensive or expected gifts are the ones that are used or played with again and again.

If you're looking for inspiration for gifts this coming year, it's always useful to know which presents have been successful with others. So here are our tried and tested successful Christmas presents from 2022.

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Scribbal Mini Football

My seven year old son received this ball from his siblings and he has not stopped playing with it. He spent some time colouring it in with the pens included in the box. And he's been pretty much attached to it ever since. It's a small ball, so perfect for him to take with him wherever he goes. And, as he's always up for a kick around, it's had plenty of use.

Canterbury Vaposhield Long Subs Jacket

I adore this coat. It's like wearing a sleeping bag. I spend most weekends either on the sidelines watching my four playing football or rugby. Why do most youth pitches seem to be in the wettest and windiest areas of the UK with little or no shelter. And the weather is never kind. If I'm not watching the youngsters tearing around muddy pitches chasing balls of various shapes, then I'm forcing them to watch me play rugby. This coat is perfect for warming me back up after a night rugby training in the cold and wet. And if I'm ever on the subs bench (sadly a very rare occurrence) then this keeps me toasty warm. 

Cornwall Seafari Voucher

I got my sister, brother-in-law and secondary school aged nephew and niece vouchers to take a two hour Seafari near where they live in Cornwall. They can book for a time convenient to them and enjoy a tour spotting marine wildlife along the coast near Fowey. My brother-in-law is notoriously difficult to buy for and teens can be quite picky. But I know the entire family will really enjoy spending time together on this trip. I did a Sea Safari near where I live with my mum and kids a couple of years ago and it was amazing. We learnt so much about the cliffs, history and wildlife near where we live. And the boat ride was fast, furious and a lot of fun. I can't wait to hear about their Seafari later this year.

What gifts have been firm favourites with you and your friends and relatives?

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